[messengers] Rod Blagojevich's lawyer Sam Adam Jr

Date: 27 Jul 2010 20:27:55 +0200
From: Joe Hendry <messvilleto@xxxxxxxxx>

If anyone is watching the trial of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, they might recognize his lawyer Sam Adam Jr.
Adam was also R. Kelly's lawyer in his child pornography trial but before that he  (along with his father Sam Adam Sr) represented Carnell Fitzpatrick is his trial for killing Chicago messenger Tommy McBride in 1999.
Fitzpatrick's godmother was a Chicago cop. He called her minutes after running Tommy down. He had two past convictions for possession of heroin with intent to deliver and he received probation both times. It makes you wonder what connections he had.
Regardless Fitzpatrick is still serving his 45 year sentence for murder.

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