[messengers] iso: council re: cmwc booklet

Date: 2 Aug 2010 18:13:54 +0200
From: shawn blumenfeld <bega@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

if the ifbma council wants an agenda for the open forums, or an ifbma
statement or anything similar in the cmwc booklet, the councils'
deadline to submit to me is this evening at 6pm edt. sorry for the
late notice.

if i dont get anything, ill write something nice and functional such as:

the ifbma rocks. it brings together our huge community of bike
messengers from all over the world and facilitates the annual
happening known as the cmwc so we can party and race together in great
foreign lands. it stands with us in the rain and snow while we wait
for a tag, letting us know that all bike messengers get cold together,
wet together, tired together, injured together. and at the ifbma's
cmwc we celebrate together. our love for our jobs, our community, our
bicycles, our friends.

please come to the open forums at cmwc and voice your opnion.

find the ifbma  at messengers.org and its email list at  ifbma.org

ill edit it so it has grammer and stuff

Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld
email: bega@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mobile phone/text: 1-202-345-1177
skype: shawn.bega