[messengers] From Valerie: We want YOU to be a CMWC Volunteer!

Date: 5 Aug 2010 03:24:05 +0200
From: Rie VP <rie23@xxxxxxxxxxx>

This marvelous community of messengers would not 
exist without your hard work,
 your sweat, and your blood. Thank you.

Now, we come together in 
Guatemala for the 18th Annual Cycle Messenger World Championships. 

 CMWC has been made possible by nearly a dozen volunteers working 
together from four continents. It will continue to be run by volunteers
 on the ground in Guatemala. Here, we need your help.

Will you 
give a portion of your time in Guatemala to support CMWC? 

There are
 a number of volunteer positions available, and we are counting on you 
to make the Worlds a success! Whether it be working checkpoints, crowd 
control, special events, you name it--there is a way for you to lend a 

Will you please volunteer while you're here? We are happy 
to work with you to put your skills to good use! 

In order to 
volunteer, please:

1. Make sure you're registered! If you're not 
racing, register as a
 guest so you are accounted for and receive all the goodies racers 
get--including access to parties. 

2. Let us know you want to 
volunteer. Check the volunteer box on the registration form and e-mail 
us via the contact form on the webpage.

3. Please check in with Valerie when you arrive, and be sure to 
check the CMWC headquarters for volunteer notices and information.

 or not you volunteer, we have so much to be thankful for--please be 
sure to express the gratitude you feel.

Thank you for your 
commitment to the messenger community, CMWC, and for your free