[messengers] Cycleway disputes, Lead to anti cycleway protests. part 1.

Date: 5 Aug 2010 15:18:46 +0200
From: Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

*CLOVER Moore claims her $76 million cycleway will transform Sydney into a
cyclists' paradise but she prefers the comfort of a chauffeur-driven car to
get to work. *

It's a mere 2.7km commute from the Lord Mayor's Redfern home to Town Hall.
But Ms Moore relies on a Toyota Prius and driver provided by council instead
of the pedal power she has been advocating at every opportunity.

She is not alone - Sydneysiders have been slow to embrace the Lord Mayor's
much-vaunted vision of turning the city into another Amsterdam or

When *The Sunday Telegraph* monitored the new cycleway in Bourke St,
Alexandria, last week we observed just 25 riders using the dedicated lane
during the morning peak between 7am and 9.30am on Wednesday.

On Thursday, between noon and 2pm, just one cyclist used the new cycleway.

On Friday, between 7am and 1.30pm, there were 33 riders. During the week we
witnessed seven riders ignoring the cycleway, choosing the road or footpath

Vans, buses and taxis regularly used the vacant cycleway to make deliveries
or park while they ran into a nearby cafe for a quick lunch.
"On your bike, Clover

Construction of the cycleway has torn up the roads, causing headaches for
commuters, enraging business owners and swallowing up 400 parking spots.

Ratepayers have slammed the bike-only lanes, scheduled to be completed in
March, 2011.

Nichols Street Community Group spokesman Brian Noad said the Bourke St
cycleway at Surry Hills was not used enough to justify the amount of money
that was being spent on it.

"We have calculated [with] about 40 trips per day, on an outlay of $4.2
million, the Bourke St cycleway will cost $290 per trip over its first
year," he said. "It's a burdensome possession and creating more cost than
it's worth.

"The cycleway was an ugly change of one of the beautiful inner-city
streets," he said. But that cut no ice with City of Sydney Councillor Shane
Mallard, who said: "We've done the consultation process. It's there now.
Suck it."

Angry business owners are demanding the council rip up the cycleway and
residents have called for a rally at Sydney Town Hall at 6pm on Tuesday to
protest against the council's decision."