[messengers] Cycleway disputes, Lead to anti cycleway protests. part 2. (sydney)

Date: 5 Aug 2010 15:22:01 +0200
From: Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

"Pro-cyclists had the last laugh at an anti-cycling rally at Sydney Town
Hall last night when 200 of the cycling enthusiasts over-ran the event.

The ongoing controversy of Lord Sydney Mayor Clover Moore’s cycling network
plans continued last night when a protest planned to condemn cycleways in
Sydney took a suprising twist.

(View video footage of the protest attached)


If you were on George St last night you would have heard the Queen classic
“I want to ride my bicycle” blaring across the CBD among three cheers for Ms

The lycra-clad crowd chanted “We love to ride our bicycles. Alan Jones, get
on your bike.”

The jab was made at the 2GB breakfast radio host for his anti-Clover
campaign in regards to the Bourke Rd cycleway in Alexandria.

Mr Jones has taken on the issue as his own personal crusade since business
owners have claimed a loss of trade and residents and workers have expressed
concern about the safety of the arterial road now it has been narrowed and
speed bumps installed.

John Mahony, of Mahony Dominic Lawyers, is taking civil action against the
City of Sydney Council on behalf of the residents and business owners
claiming council did not consider all environmental factors before going
ahead with the development."