[messengers] Cycleway disputes, Lead to anti cycleway protests. part 3. (sydney)

Date: 5 Aug 2010 15:25:39 +0200
From: Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>


Interesting paragraph here.

*"The fact that they were allowed to build massive new car parks along
Bourke has not assuaged the wealthy land owners’ anger over losing street
parking. The founders of the Wentworth Courier, Central Magazine and the
entire chain of Courier weeklies, the family owns IPMG, one of the largest
commercial print companies in Australia. They employ more than 1600 people
and turn over of more than $500 million per year and still print the Courier
newspapers under a commercial arrangement with News Limited. The Hannans are
the chief protagonists in a threatened class action suit against the City
and they have some very loud and obnoxious friends including Alan Jones and
Murdoch’s right wing attack pack at the Daily Telegraph. No matter how many
ads the City throws at the evil empire in a futile attempt to appease the
beast, Murdoch’s hacks will always be back to put the boot into Clover. This
week the Telegraph ran a picture of Clover outside her Redfern home as she
boarded her rate payer funded, chauffer driven Prius. Both the local member
and the Lord Mayor, Clover would probably find it difficult to read briefing
papers on her bike. Taking on Sydney’s auto erotic culture and some very
wealthy land owners is proving a risky business: last month Alan Jones
accused Clover of hypocrisy for doing work on her airconditioned garage in
which her husband parks their family car. The Hannan family would have liked