Re: [messengers] Cycleway disputes, Lead to anti cycleway protests. part 2. (sydney)

Date: 5 Aug 2010 15:29:41 +0200
From: Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

One thing of many that the article failed to acknowledge was that the
cycleway isn't finished. pretty hard to use a cycleway with a trench and a
bobcat in the middle of it.

On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 11:27 PM, Simon McKenzie <mckfrenzy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So if it costs $290 a trip for the first year, before the whole network is
> integrated, I'm guessing, if my maths is ok, that it then costs absolutely
> nothing per trip. Apart from the odd upgrade to the green paint. Surely in
> the long run (say 3 or 4 years) that's already a success. SUCK IT like Shane
> said (not that I like the guy at all)
> On 05/08/2010, at 11:21 PM, Michael Dodd wrote:
>  "Pro-cyclists had the last laugh at an anti-cycling rally at Sydney Town
>> Hall last night when 200 of the cycling enthusiasts over-ran the event.
>> The ongoing controversy of Lord Sydney Mayor Clover Moore’s cycling
>> network
>> plans continued last night when a protest planned to condemn cycleways in
>> Sydney took a suprising twist.
>> (View video footage of the protest attached)
>> If you were on George St last night you would have heard the Queen classic
>> “I want to ride my bicycle” blaring across the CBD among three cheers for
>> Ms
>> Moore.
>> The lycra-clad crowd chanted “We love to ride our bicycles. Alan Jones,
>> get
>> on your bike.”
>> The jab was made at the 2GB breakfast radio host for his anti-Clover
>> campaign in regards to the Bourke Rd cycleway in Alexandria.
>> Mr Jones has taken on the issue as his own personal crusade since business
>> owners have claimed a loss of trade and residents and workers have
>> expressed
>> concern about the safety of the arterial road now it has been narrowed and
>> speed bumps installed.
>> John Mahony, of Mahony Dominic Lawyers, is taking civil action against the
>> City of Sydney Council on behalf of the residents and business owners
>> claiming council did not consider all environmental factors before going
>> ahead with the development."
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