[messengers] Cycling with the SF Messengers

Date: 5 Aug 2010 21:13:53 +0200
From: Joe Hendry <messvilleto@xxxxxxxxx>

Walking past 1 Post in the morning, I always notice the same guys lounging against the steps. And if you work downtown, you’ve most likely seen them too, as they lean effortlessly, chain smoke, and shout at passersby. But this crew does more than just hang out. They’re bike messengers, and as I pass them on my way to work, I envy the way they spend so much time outside, seeing the city and hanging out with friends. I’ve always wanted to join them.  
After months of going by 1 Post, I finally approached the group. I asked the messengers why they were in the same spot every day and was given a vague explanation: “We ride to the court house and back, drink beer, and hassle women.” Three months later, I decided to further investigate this very San Franciscan subculture. I bought a bike and gave a go to being a messenger.  


More at  http://www.thebolditalic.com/ChloeSchildhause/stories/362-chain-gang

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