[messengers] Gran Premio Update

Date: 14 Aug 2010 07:24:17 +0200
From: "Andy" <az@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Me again,
The Gran Premio de Guatemala, a 23-km uphill time trial from Panajachel to Solola, which was scheduled for this Sunday, the 15th, has been moved to Sunday the 29th. This race is free and open to everybody, but it will also serve as the way the locals can win one of the 100 free spots we have set aside for them, to race in the CMWC. 
This change was made at the request of the president of the Guatemalan National Cycling Federation, who called Nadir today in a slight panic, because all of the top Guatemalan pros were about to abandon the pro races their teams had obligated them to ride in this weekend, to come do the Gran Premio. They want to race in the CMWC and represent Guatemala!
We were blown away, and of course we rescheduled. I hope you can join us for this amazing event, and meet and race against some of the best climbers in the world.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much we are planning for you! You don't want to miss this.