[messengers] mandatory helmet laws

Date: 21 Aug 2010 15:32:39 +0200
From: Alias Johnson <aliasjhnsn@xxxxxxxxx>

I also ride motorcycles... and fought to repeal mandatory helmet laws in my home state (and we won). I appreciate the fact that helmets are a good thing and that if you are riding in serious traffic you would be well advised to wear some serious protection... but I oppose making helmets mandatory. I do wear a helmet when I feel the occaision calls for it... but the amount of excess noise that is generated by the helmet blocks out other sounds that might alert me to impending danger and I often choose not to wear.
 The fact that Amsterdam is such a bicycle oriented city and not only are there no helmet laws but one almost never sees anyone wearing a helmet ...and there are very few accidents involving cyclists ... points to the fact that the problem lies with motorists in America . People on bicycles in urban America are disdained and reviled and are shown no respect by motorists or law enforcement ... not to mention "City Planners"!  This lack of respect foments a general "Outlaw Attitude" from the cyclists... particularly the Working Cyclist who is subjected to abuse all day , every day...
 Mandatory helmet laws are approaching the "problem" from the wrong direction...it is like making body armor mandatory to deal with gun violence...!