[messengers] Follow up & Ny Love

Date: 22 Aug 2010 19:44:09 +0200
From: Cowboy49x14@xxxxxxx

When we start to get some respect and treated with dignity is the day we 
will return the favor.I think it is sad and pathetic to use part of the 
problem (poor food delivery guys) getting ticketed as an excuse to Ignore the 
problems we ALL are contributing to.Those poor delivery guys are riding around 
on bikes that are stolen from ''poor'' messengers. As far as the motivations 
of some skank tabloid writer who couldn't handle the confines of honor and 
integrity> who gives a rats ass. This is America > the place where there are 
no standards or laws to force the ''press'' into printing Truth.
The politicians are paid for> the judges are appointed by paid for 
politicians   and the voting machines run by 2 companies who have been having CHAD 
issues since the 60's. Val, why you would use such flemsy and juvenile 
excuses for the state of things when you are attending Harvard. I aint no expert 
on the place but I know enough to know that you wouldn't use that line if you 
a grade was depending on it!!!