[messengers] Survey: When does $128 buy 7 days of coverage? >Seriously........

Date: 27 Aug 2010 04:32:33 +0200
From: Cowboy49x14@xxxxxxx

A mutual friend   (1) of Ours   was going out of town for 7 days and needed 
coverage. I needed the $ and the friend was looking out in giving me the 
work because I was going to ECMC the following week and I was poor.    The 
Monday I started coverage another mutual friend( 2)who was sharing the server 
with the friend (1)   I was covering for decided to either misunderstand me 
when>'' I said ''>I was covering for   Our friend   while he was on Holiday > 
or ignore me and cherry-pick me?   Surely misunderstandings happen, right? 
The guy   gave me 16 runs during the 7 days and acted like all was good so I 
was clueless that I was getting picked.   2 weeks later I get $128 with the 
''this is all the money I have in the bank right now''from friend I covered 
for. Then friend (1)   turns it into   a communication breakdown between me 
and guy   who cherry-picked me and either way its 128 for me?    Please 
help,   You are my Friends   and I respect you and trust you even if we 
disagree to disagree:+)   Thanks for the help"+)