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Date: 28 Aug 2010 19:21:01 +0200
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Subject: [messengers] Thanks & Goodbye Board
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It's been a real trip watching the 'thang' that was become fakester-world.  
 To those of you who I love and have known for the long haul >   see you 
somewhere and take care inbetween now and then !!
To the rest of you fake ass camera chasing resume building members of 
everything that you can get into   > avoid me like the Plague because the Morgan 
you don't know may surprise you. I do have a problem with forgetting 
assholes >and a bigger problem letting go of things that are clearly Not Right.   I 
will be on the streets for many more years than you'll be pretending you're 
one of the few theTough the Real > Couriers!!!
 The few of you who have been around for-Ever and have never spoken a word 
about the kind of bullshit that is wrecking things right before your eyes >
won't be   long   for   the movieboys and resume chasers will have CMWC on 
ESPN with fake drama , wrestling tights, and steroids !! You Collectively need 
to use your voice and   brains to stand up and save what's left to save and 
stop being afraid of being alone and isolated. I have been alone and 
isolated for something like 35 of 38 years even when surrounded by people so
saying goodbye means as much to me as it does to you. 
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