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Date: 31 Aug 2010 10:24:15 +0200
From: joshua klarer <yartheband@xxxxxxxxx>

Uhh, you're a douche...part of the messenger jock clique talk shit about anyone 
you haven't heard of yet. Yeah, I know what you are saying... you're making a 
perfect display of what's wrong with the loud-mouths on this list. You alienate 
anyone else that isn't part of your bullshit immediate circle from expressing 
their opinion/art/ideas to the community from fear of the few on this list that 
make it seem like an episode of South Park ruled by 5 too many Cartmans. Do you 
check to see if the toilette seat is down before dropping a deuce? Good, good, 
then why not trying looking around before taking a shit in public to see if its 
going to splatter on anyone you know, or perhaps on any of their friends, or 
even perhaps as a common courtesy, check if any other people are around. Sorry 
"old-timer", Kenton's an old-timer too, he works his ass off as the single 
courier (can't afford to pay any employee even though he needs the help) at his 
own company that is now-a-days barely scraping by(like most of us STILL 
working), in fact, he had to give up his 200 square foot base last year because 
he couldn't afford the rent, so now he works only on the fly, from his cell 
phone, trying to make enough money to feed his 1yr old child and stay at home 
wife that he cares infinitesimally more for than your shitty grade-school 
opinion.  He's a righteous human being. He's got more to worry about than 
"keepin' it real" and makin' sweet grade-school-grade comments about perfect 
strangers on a list-serve of fully grown adults that work a blue collar job. In 
fact, do YOU still work a blue collar job? Anyway, we (his friends, family, 
so-cal united couriers) support the hell out of his attempts to make better for 
his family and community with his filming of the life that he knows. He's 
actually going to be pissed that I responded to this crap, but whatever.  If 
everyone just sat around being so fatally whiny all the time, nothing would get 
done. I feel like I'm teaching my 13 yr old a lesson about MY job right now, but 
I'm too embarrassed to admit that us grown adults are actually acting this way.

-----JOSH TREE-TREE( a rookie to somebody)

ps- I just emptied my in-box, so i guess bring on the hate mail you cool kids!

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Uh ...That was some jive... wannabe... looking Bullshit!... to an oldtimer.. 
anyway... know what I'm sayin'?

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