[messengers] mexicana headaches...

Date: 31 Aug 2010 19:03:35 +0200
From: Julio Saravia <saravia.julio@xxxxxxxxx>

while the grown folks fight about whats real and fake the kids in chicago
are scrambling to make magic happen and enjoy their time in guatemala...hope
this is helpful to those who got jammed up by mexican...

from our superstar nico,

*if you call mexicana air and talk to an operator within 24 hours of your
scheduled departure they can put you on a flight with american airlines.
nordy and i were put on a flight out same day, just 6 hours later. we will
have to do it all again for our return flight, but it is not costing us any
extra money. so if you ...haven't made new travel plans yet, this is an
option (though more of a headache).*
*i was hoping some travelers would catch wind of this. the number to call is
1 800 531 7921. give them the reservation number or ticket number and they
will do what they can.*
chicago is rolling deep to the fun in guatemala...keep an eye out for them.
they cant be missed.  still bummed im not coming but it is what it is.
btw...for those not going...can we see some pics of the figure 8 please?  i
hear chicago will not be putting in bids to host the worlds but dont count
them out quite yet.  the sun will shine on our beautiful city soon

Julio Saravia