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Date: 1 Sep 2010 18:02:45 +0200
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The sad truth is that there will always be complainers, no matter what you do. Haters will hate. It sucks to eat shit from your own community, as we get enough grief from the outside world. It is perhaps too easy to talk smack anonymously on some email list. 
My personal theory is that many messengers suffer from personal insecurities and/or inferiority complexes, and feel the need to label and judge others in a way to make themselves feel better about who they are. Really lame and childish, but not surprising. 
It is best to just ignore and dismiss this kind of negativity. It is like arguing with a security guard; even if you are right, even if the security guard knows you are right, you will never win that argument.  Would Alias have had the balls to say what he said in person? I doubt it.

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>Yep, thanks Josh, I'm glad you spoke up too. And
>thanks Stewy too.
>I think one of the things so many folks forget is
>that while so much of
>messenger culture is shared across the country and
>around the world, each
>city/town forms its own, independent styles,
>habits, personalities, based on
>things like weather, geography, city government,
>local traffic patterns, how
>business is done, what subcultures are around, and,
>of course, what each of
>us has brought to the table as couriers.
>Not every messenger sees him/herself as a
>tough-guy/-gal Transformers street
>warrior, or a Triple-O-G old-timer in a pissing
>contest. Some couriers are
>city-folk, some are country folk; some are punk as
>fuck, some are indie-rock
>hipsters, some are metal-heads and some are
>classically trained at something
>cool they can't make a living with; some are
>techies and some are Luddites;
>some pound it out through ass-freezing winters,
>others find the biggest
>thrills and challenges with hilly areas, others
>never-ending heat; we find
>courier/bike-friendly cities and cities that hate
>cyclists/couriers; some of
>us are parents, others are young and green enough
>to be the children of
>"old-timers;" every place seems to have its own
>definitions of things like:
>what graduates a messenger past "rookie," what
>lines are drawn in the ageist
>spectrum, and whether or not, once one is
>officially off the road, one has
>"retired," or punked out and not made it to true
>courier OG stardom, and
>even whether or not one is still allowed to be a
>part of the culture or is
>banished for not being on the road anymore,
>regardless of why/how that came
>to be (no work, injuries, life circumstance, etc.).
>The one underlying factor I've always found that's
>tied all of us together
>and carried us past the first few years or so is
>the love of bikes, of
>riding, of the work and of being a part of a group
>of people that put the
>pissing contests aside.
>If we know who we are, and who our people are, why
>spend so much time
>shredding someone who is trying to do something to
>illustrate something he
>loves? Should we trash courier bands, zines, bike
>circuses, indie start-up
>messenger and equipment companies, memoirs, photo
>essays, and so on that
>just aim to share with each other (and even
>inadvertantly the rest of the
>world) something we love and are stoked about
>doing? Are we really so
>hardcore that being so free isn't really freedom at
>all? So elitist that we
>end up just recreating and perpetuating so many of
>the traits of "the rest
>of the (non-mess) world" that we've tried to buck
>or redfine? If so, that's
>some sad shit right there.
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>Well put Josh. I'm glad you spoke up.
>If I want to hear bullshit rhetoric from small
>minded morons I'll turn on
>Fox news. I would prefer the list be used for
>spreading positive and useful
>information about the courier world. But who cares
>what I want, I also
>welcome your hate filled retort to my seemingly
>intelligent response,
>'Alias'. Where are you working again? I don't think
>you included that in
>your last philosophical post." ...resentment...
>fear..." whatever.
>Just my $.02
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