Re: [messengers] Beating a Dead Horse

Date: 5 Sep 2010 04:55:38 +0200
From: Mark Hayward <hayward_mw71@xxxxxxxx>

remember when messengers made enough money that they made art on the side and lived in cool places....

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Subject: Re: [messengers] Beating a Dead Horse
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Its a bit hit and miss.

Maybe the movie making hobby is a means to an end for some of us. Some
couriers i know who were filming "check me out" stuff back in the nineties
are now making an income from their filming or photography skills.
Some couriers have now graduated to "check me out im doing pro active stuff"
and that aint so bad.

My issue with the messenger scene these days is  constant exposure to drugs,
alcohol and peoples selfish insecurities (normally perpetuated by drugs and

There's nothing wrong with a beer, there's nothing wrong with a puff or
whatever... But when you can't get through the day without one you've got
problems. That shit owns you.

Some of my friends when they aren't drunk or off their faces i consider to
be best mates,. A few drinks or whatever later they are assholes. The next
day while hungover and grumpy they are still assholes, many of them are
drunk and messed up all the time; they almost earn the 24/7 lazy selfish
asshole title. I'm guilty of turning into an asshole myself, but i've
reached a point in my life where i can't keep living this way. For health
reasons i've had to disconnect myself from alcoholism and the party culture.

I don't really hangout with bike couriers anymore  unless they wan't to take
off for the weekend and head up the coast or something.

So yeah check me out. I'm getting up early on weekends going mountain

Sorry if that comes across as being snobbish, Maybe i'm not a real courier.

On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 12:35 AM, Alias Johnson <aliasjhnsn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I must have really hurt some delicate feelings on here... I can't believe
> you people have nothing better to whine about than an off the cuff remark
> about how superficial this trailer long ago?? cowboy and I have
> had our differences... but I am with him on this one! It seems to have
> really turned into a "LOOK at ME, LOOk at ME!" scene ...hope you can get
> over yourselves and get real.Meanwhile...gotta roll!
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