[messengers] CMWC 2010 Monday

Date: 7 Sep 2010 09:56:03 +0200
From: Biker Bill <zxmessenger@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Today was a really good day, eh?
We got a great break in the weather today at least for La Ocho and some pick up games of Polo. It also granted the municipality of Panajachel with some time to work on the highway in and out of here as well as some of the other infrastructure here.
As far as I know everyone is accounted for.
There has been no running water in town except for a couple of fill stations that I think are reserves. Phones are up as well as the internet and we never lost power, although I have not found a bank machine to help me out. So if your still coming stock up on your Q.
Every day brings new friends and many older ones so people are getting here, so should you!
Tuesday holds the group ride around the lake to deliver aid to the villages around the beautiful lake Atitlan. 6AM start at headquarters, 100Q for the shuttle boats for what should be quite an adventure. Thanks to Nadir with all his help to setting this up!
4PM Start for the La Ocho Finals, be sure to check our website www.CMWCguatemala.com for live result updates courtesy of Bega, Yogi, Cookie, Lola, Andy, Valerie and all of the other great Volunteers stepping up to the plate, you know we know who you are!
Luk Keller, and Eryn from Winninpeg has helped keep our HQ stocked up with Gallo and open for Business 12PM-1AM. All the poster works are available for sale for one of AZ's prints from this installation, "Nice Price". Oh and don't forget to pitch into the tip box on the bar with all funds going to supply the local Guatemalans with as much aid as we can deliver. Find your way to the Circus Bar and we are two doors north.
The people here have shown us such resiliency and are very glad to see us proceeding with our competitions, and are so very appreciative of the backline work we are doing. It is amazing as one can truly see the positive impact our troop here is making.
CMWC2010 has already changed my life, come make a change yourself! Thanks for everyones help with every thing so far, keep it up and keep it coming!