[messengers] 1st Open Forum CMWC2010

Date: 9 Sep 2010 22:37:57 +0200
From: Biker Bill <zxmessenger@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Went pretty quick for such a large draw.
I will put up the recording a little later (maybe maniana), but I thought you would all like to know that it sounds like Warsaw has it all together for all of us next year. Setting up on a peninsula private camping etc etc...
Proposals for CMWC2012
- New York
- Chicago
- Mexico City
Call out was also made for a few new council members, a reading buy the treasurer (Porno) and president (Banana). You should also see the swank new IFBMA membership decals, only 40 Quetzales, pay your dues...
Going to be an alleycat at 3, world welcome party tommorow and racer orientation, foot down, polo awards. 
We are getting it done!