[messengers] the velo news guy

Date: 14 Sep 2010 18:55:31 +0200
From: shawn blumenfeld <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx>


Connor, here in pana from velo news, has posted some great photos on
his personal blog and also a video of safa hitting a free throw ( yeah
thats basketball) from a trak stand. i see a new side event in our
future...  and hopefully we'll see the second half to his story soon
on velonews.

Thanks to everyone who came down, and those of you that followed us
from a far. I think I can safely say this was an epic experience for
all of us here. For many just getting here took days of walking.

The outpouring of support for the local community was unique to this
CMWC and made me feel connected to the messengers as never before, not
when I was working as a grunt, nor on the DCBCA or the IFBMA councils,
nor any of the CMC's I've worked on. Nothing has ever compared to how
I now feel about the wonderful communnity of messengers that is my
extended family.

The people here in Panajachel are my family, and Nadir's family, and
AZ's family, and now all of yours family too. When you come back to
Pana to visit, you might very well find me here wandering the volcano.
I'll will gladly buy you a coffee.

Thanks for joining us. Special personal thanks from me to Brad and Cookie.

Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld
mobile phone/text (in Guatemala until Sep 15th): (+502) 5798 8142
skype: shawn.bega