[messengers] cmwc 2012 bid

Date: 15 Sep 2010 14:12:24 +0200
From: Team Triplerush <triplerush@xxxxxxxxx>

nyc is bidding for cmwc2012 ,was the Chicago vote for 2012 done 2 years in advance,or is it for 2011
our understanding was 2 years lead time,you throw in your draft propasal,and the final decision is madeĀ  at the open forum a year before 
from messengers.org website

Initial Proposals (2 year lead time)

The deadline for submission of draft proposals for 
CMWC events is at the second open forum at the CMWC two years in advance
 of the CMWC being bid for. Draft proposals are not full-blown 
proposals, but should take into account the following Requirements
 and Suggestions

After this deadline, bidding for the CMWC year in 
question will be closed. Draft proposals should simply be presented 
at the open forum, and the proposing cities recorded and announced for 
all to note. Proposing cities should do what they can to make 
information available concerning their intentions to anyone who may be