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Date: 15 Sep 2010 19:22:00 +0200
From: Begin Meredith <meredithbegin@xxxxxxxxx>

And a super big thanks to Val for handling the logistics, coordinating the volunteers, and much much more!!

I'm proud to be part of this messenger familia. :)


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Thank you one and all for a spectacular CMWC. You all worked so hard to put it together--We were all a home crew on this one.

Thanks to Leah for taking care of waste management--I won't detail the nitty-gritty of what she did, except to say she rocked and made Panajachel even more beautiful.

Thanks to Laura, who helped me behind the scenes with stuff I really didn't want to do. Thanks to Cookie, DC Brad, Eryn, Chris "La Vala", Mason, Martin Banana, Robin, and Scott Free for all those little things, too.

Thanks to Marco, who helped out with nearly every event after an incredibly long journey. 

Thanks to the tough guys who tore apart La Ocho, and thanks to those who successfully recycled it into a Polo court.

Thanks to everyone who raced, turned in their manifest, and then ran to work a checkpoint so the person there could be relieved to race.

Thanks to the countless people who carried tables and chairs and other supplies from HQ to the races and parties--you are all Cargo Carrying Champions!

Thanks to everyone who marshaled, directed traffic, sat in the sun, picked up garbage, ran to get people food and drink. Thanks to the people who worked the bar, sold merchandise. Thanks to Kell and Anton from Oakland who dug in and worked from the moment they showed up at HQ.

Thanks to all who donated gear and bikes to the locals.  Thanks to everyone who brought art supplies, helped with the art show and spent time with the kids. Thanks to Ivonne for giving the children a cargo bike ride they won't forget.

Thanks to all the people who did a whole heck of alot of translating, including Laura from Colombia (web translations) and Luis from Spain.

And thanks to the people who brought down prizes and gear for us.

Thank you to Yogi for a good website, and, as with all the men who came here from the future, an even better sense of humor. Thanks to Biker Bill and Corrine for handling the media, and to Shane for coming through with a good polo tournament.

Thank you especially to Lola, her patience is as magnificent as the volcanoes; and to Luk, his brillance--and smile--made CMWC shine.

Thank you to Shawn Bega, Andy Zalan, and Nadir--Your fearless leaders persevered through natural disasters and came through, laughing and with friends. The amount of work they did is astounding. They are to be commended.

So many people contributed to this Worlds it is impossible to name them all--except to say, look at the registration list. Every single person on it volunteered in one way or another. And that doesn't even show all the locals who helped--Romolo, Chito, the Inspector, the Telefonica guys, to name only a few. I could go on. And on.

You are all amazing. We are all an incredible family.

Thank you.

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