[messengers] Wheels of Destiny: congratulations to Murt Rice and John Mahon from Dublin

Date: 18 Sep 2010 04:59:27 +0200
From: eoin mcnulty-goodwin <eoinmcnultygoodwin@xxxxxxxxx>

Still current, Murt Rice, and ex-messenger, John Mahon, yesterday at 2:56 in
the morning completed the Race Around Ireland. Now i know we have a pretty
little country but this race was designed to stick close to the coast and
take in the most northerly and southerly points in the country to the extent
that the lads actually had to cycle back the same road they had just cycled
up. Between the two they cycled over 2100km (the coarse was 2100 but there
were a couple of wrong turns which the lads took very well) in
102hrs1minute, which surpassed the expectations of everybody involved. Over
the first couple of days the lads were faced with some of the worst cycling
weather possible, absolutely savage headwinds and torrential rain saped
their energy but they just kept pushing and took any mistakes and delays in
the best spirits imaginable. On sunday the solo riders and two-person teams
took off, followed by the four and eight-person teams two days later, as far
as i can remember it was tuesday morning when the lads overtook the last of
the solo riders, who had all left an hour before the lads, that evening the
four and eight-person teams set off, it was generally expected that these
four and eight-person teams would pass the rest but the lads were to have
none of that carry-on. They were the first participants to cross the line,
beating the other two-person team by 9hrs 24minutes. I really cannot express
how much respect is due to murt and john for what they have achieved in the
last few days........and they still had the energy to get to the pub this
evening and celebrate with their crew and other dublin messengers who were
there to offer their congratulations and respect. Over the next couple of
days i'll try to write an account of what memories i can drag outa my
exhausted brain of the day-to-day goings-on of the race (for anyone who's
interested) but for now I'm happy to relate this news to the rest of you
and very proud to have been a part of this inspirational achievement on the
part of murt and john.........and plans already started in the pub this
evening for how we (the completely inexperienced crew) could shave hours
hours off their time time next year...........right now it's time for me to
sleep though,
peace out y'all ;)