[messengers] mission completed!!!!

Date: 21 Sep 2010 22:06:29 +0200
From: luk keller <lukbrokenheart@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Mason...I did it! 
It took me a fucking week. I went to the hospital four times to see if the little boy had been there to get his stitches out... went to the fireworkers... talked to the headmaster...several teachers...every tienda owner...all this in my crappy spanish. Nobody knew anything about the kid that got hit on the race course. But today I found him! His fine...the stitches are out...they eyeball is still bloody. The kid was really fucking happy about its new pimp bike. I'll go back there later today to get a Photo of the kid with the bike. Perhaps this was my last delivery. It's was a really important one though. 

There's only the Canadian Cookie and myself left here in Pana fighting for last man standing. Hope everybody made it home safely and you're all back at work...sucks to be you. 

Only about five hours to my next visit at the Pie Ladys'

Salud from Panadise!!!!

LUK 10