Re: [messengers] Markus Cook Award 2010 - Call for nominations

Date: 22 Sep 2010 00:20:31 +0200
From: luk keller <lukbrokenheart@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Commandante Zero...The old man certainly deserves that trophy but if you wanna honour his work you should rather try to make sure his medical smoking supplies keep running smoothly than handing him a trophy. He's as broke as it gets after making this beautiful CMWC happen. Probably the trophy should be filled with supply.

I'd like to nominate Sinya, Lacko, Buppa and Nicos from Budapest. I know this throphy should whenever possible go to a single person. I just couldn't figure out who of 'em would be the one who deserves the MCA the most as the always operate as a team. 
First of all I think they deserve this trophy because this team (and of course many more hungarian helpers) provided us with two of the most outstanding CMCs (CMWC2001 and ECMC2010). There wasn't anybody bidding for the 2010 edition of the ECMC at the open forum in Berlin. Some crazy Hungarians put in a semi-serious bid for Budapest. I remember how Sinya and Lacko tried to fight it. Who's stupid enough to do this twice? they asked. But once we had talked them into it they took on the task and they didn't just do an alright job but did it another time with so much passion for the tiny details. I wouldn't mind having a CMC in Budapest every fucking year.
Second: i think those guys do a lot to spread the messenger business as well as the use of bicycles in general. This team (or at least some of them) managed to open up and support courier companies in countries resp cities where there hasn't been messenger business before...such as Rome and Bratislava. They're as well part of the organization of the critical masses in Budapest with up to one hundred thousand participants!!!!
Third: their appearance always adds good mellowness to whatever event, needed or not. 
Forth: Can't believe none of those bums made it to Panajachel.