Re: [messengers] Check out "CMWC 2010 - Strom 101 Dive for Glory" on Cyclehawk or Youtube

Date: 22 Sep 2010 15:52:25 +0200
From: shawn blumenfeld <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx>

> Besides, Who starts a CMWC event only 30 mins late?

i dont want people thinking we were too close to being on time at all
of the events. due to great effort, not everything started on time and
much of it was appropriately late. but i will admit some of it was
close to on time and certainly within "messenger" and "guatemalan"
time. sorry. we'll try to start stuff later next time. of note, la
ocho and polo started days late, and some people still didnt make it
to the start.

amazingly, almost all of the individual events ended on time. a credit
to az's insane ability to "reschedule" and "redesign" on the fly.

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On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 2:42 PM, C Q <fixieman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Damn there it is
> Oh Strom !
> I had heard about it, but I was late, I missed the whole competition
> Besides, Who starts a CMWC event only 30 mins late?
> Then he went on to start in the Finals with an extremely injured hand that
> we were wondering if it was broken
> What a Champ !