[messengers] Messenger Courier Association of America

Date: 27 Sep 2010 19:25:59 +0200
From: Cowboy49x14@xxxxxxx

The M.C.A.A. is run by the company owners who have grouped together to get 
as much $ out of you as possible in a very organised way. Since I am looking 
for work I ran across the MCAA and more importantly their magazine> 
Messenger Courier World which is all about the ways in which they can avoid getting 
sued by class action suits and continue to cheat us out of what our pay 
should be. You can continue your blind pursuit of freedom via   employee 
thinking your Inde or you can read what these guys know is the difference> OT pay 
is over 40 hrs for Employees ie uniform wearers> scheduled workers> and 
non-negotiated wage. Inde means FREE to work anytime you like in your choice of 
clothing without OT pay over 40 hrs. Know your rights and protect what's 
left of our industry since we are the one's who keep it in business!!   
Footnote> Before filling out paper work at co. this a.m. I asked where the bathroom 
was> dispatcher told me that the sign''no messenger's beyond this point'' 
was the reason I could not use the bathroom?   But I can get myself killed 
making rent for said Bathroom?