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Date: 14 Oct 2010 11:39:12 +0200
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Bike Courier


Khsl tv, October 5, 2010


By Derek Demo


  "There's a lot
of cargo services here by car and delivery services by car, and I think we can
do it by bike and make less smog for the city, less traffic" said Ted
Modrell, owner of Chico Bicycle Courier. If you're looking for an easy and
environmentally friendly way to have your local mail and packages delivered,
then Chico Bicycle Courier  is the
perfect business for you. Owner Ted Modrell started the two wheel delivery
service back in April and his bike has been on the go ever since. "It's a
good green stamp for the city, a good green business for a company to add us to
their portfolio, it looks good on that company" said Modrell.



     Modrell has been
a bike messenger since the 80's, working in both San
 Francisco and New York
  City. He's now brought his years of experience to Chico, delivering everything from mail and packages, to
lunches from any local restaurant, going as far as Paradise
and Oroville. "We can deliver anything up to 300 pounds on a cargo bike,
anything...laptops, mail, lunch, anything that can be delivered by car we can
pretty much deliver it by bike" explained Modrell.



     So far the new
business has been getting rave reviews. "He's fast, he's faster than a
car, he can get around town on his bike, plus he's environmentally friendly and
we really appreciate that" said Benjamin Scarfe, Attorney for Chico
Lawyers.com. Brittany Nicholls from LuLu's.com adds "We love him, he's
great, it's fast, efficient, friendly, environmentally friendly even".



     Chico Bicycle
Courier currently employs four bike messengers, the company is bonded for up to
10,000 dollars. Delivery charges are based by mile and size of package, most local
deliveries can be made within 15 minutes. "Rain or shine, nothing slows us
down so we're good" Modrell said.


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