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And ya' know I hear "Band on the run" playing on some bars jukebox I'd be real 
god dam tempted to get all Mark David Chapman on his ass but that would of 
course be wrong. Drew Barrymore better better watch her step in the 99501 while 
I'm at it. These celebrity pinheads need to learn their place, by God! If Reagan 
where still in the White house...

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i wonder how that ponce was 'crossing' the road.  probably just wandering out no 
where near a pedestrian crossing or signal.  I would have slapped him just for 
being Paul McDouchebag.

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Paul McCartney rants at cyclist


Press Trust of India,
October 18, 2010 (London)



Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney was photographed swearing
at a cyclist after being caught in the way of the speeding vehicle.


The rock and roll icon hurled abuses at the cyclist and was
forced to push way a female passerby from the path of the cycle, Contactmusic


"I was crossing the road when I saw this bike courier
careering towards us. I grabbed this woman next to me and threw her out the
way. He wasn't slowing down, he was just swearing at me. He was going so
fast,  he had no idea who I was,"
said the British singer.


"I started screaming, 'You're big and clever, aren't
you? Oh you're so clever.' I was effing and blinding (swearing) and realised
everyone was watching. He could have seriously hurt her and others. He was a
menace," said the musician. 



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