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Date: 21 Oct 2010 22:33:17 +0200
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yo corey! i remember those pager times... actually more fun:) ride safe and say my regards to rogers and sunny! mo

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Twenty years ago I was a rookie at American Expediting in Philly. There were
no cell phones, no radios only a pager that beeped. When it alarmed you knew
who it was and called the office from a pay phone. I learned real fast to
clean the receiver before putting it to my ear. I started on a cheap
Spalding mountain bike and rode it every day for 3 years. There were no
online stores or catalogs for bike parts. One needed to befriend the local
bike shop so one could get repairs done quickly and parts cheaply.

There was no CMWC or international internet chat group. There were no
alleycats (there were some awesome drag races across town during work

I was fast then because of the wild angry recklessness of youth. Now I am
fast because I know no other way to ride.

Best Dressed 1999 NACCC
Co-founder Philly Bike Messenger Association
Promoter 2000 CMWC
(MCA winner)
Winner 2002 Winter Solstice Alleycat (Houston, Texas NACCC)
Promoter 2005 ESPI
(Created the "Tap Out" rule)
Checkpoint sponsor 2006 NACCC
Owner Vespid Couriers 1998-2008

Still on the road in NYC riding with a RELoad bag on my back....

Corey the Courier
Never a worrier
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