[messengers] 18th annual berlin hallowe'en race

Date: 1 Nov 2010 01:00:42 +0100
From: totallymassive@xxxxxxxxxx

153 racers 

1st elsner phil, berlin
2nd tone the bone (yes tony!) berlin
3rd zorro, berlin

1st out of town dennis (bikesyndikat cologne)
1st girl anja (bikesyndikat cologne)
best dressed marie (leipzig)
dfl jörn 200
special prize gonzo kai dubai (you all know why!)

for coming from zurich, hamburg, cologne, kiel, krakow, poznan, paris, arnhem, amsterdam, dresden, leipzig, 
kobenhavn and even all the way from potsdam!

to jan and hannes of the suicycle store (march 12th 10th and last st.paulopoly!)
the checkpoint crew stef and kasi! bikesyndikat, dustin for starting the mayhem and everyone else supporting!

puuuuuh! that was hard... 
hatte janz verjesssen wie gut die mexikaner im trinkteufel sind:)