[messengers] CMWC Guatemala 2010

Date: 1 Nov 2010 18:50:34 +0100
From: nadir olivet <wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hola Amigos
     What a life we live in our countries. We realize how fortunate we are to live in the developed world that we so call. I thank you for believing in the Guatemalan CMWC and the people of Panajachel. The last two years I had to deal with Hurricanes, tropical storms, Volcanos eruptions, Sino bacteria and Mudslides. Life is hard in my country but you all believed and understood what our team was trying to accomplish in Panajachel. May we all grow from this experience. We the poor can also change the world. You all are my heros Messengers of the world!!!!      I just want to say thank you to our team that you all know who you are. I want to thank ( Erin from Winnipeg) the Tokyo polo crew and all the messengers and volunteers that took down the bridge to build the polo court. That day I was so lost and you guys saved my ass. Thank you. I want to nominate LOLA and LUKE for the Marcus Cook award. You two saved our asses by doing everything. You may of thought that I didn't appreciate you because I always looked mad or stoned. But you were my and our saviors, we could not do what we did with out the two of you. Luke aka (George Clooney) I don't know were you are now kid? But, I hope that your path is filled with Gold. To the Japan Crew thank you for all your help and Donations to the Guatemalan CMWC. I will be in Japan in February so I can say thank you in person. You guys rule!!!!      For me this is the end to this chapter in my life. I fulfilled my promise to the town of Panajachel and I can walk with my head held high. Thank you!!!! I don't know were my path will take me ext but I know that it  will be interesting.

PS. Ride Like the Hells Angels!!!!!!