[messengers] Most northern bike messenger city

Date: 20 Nov 2010 09:22:07 +0100
From: paulus palmqvist <paulus.palmqvist@xxxxxxxxx>

Oi sisters, brothers and other messenger siblings!

Even though fax, email and other things are eating out our job and
flattening our bags in some way. Finland is proud to present to new
messenger cities to world.

History tells us that both Tampere and Turku had bike messengers during our
"golden age" in the end of 90s till 2002.. (I was the last mohican in Turku

But now new comers have taken over in 2010!

Turku has it's newly founded green couriers (www.greencourier.fi) and also
in December starts Tampereen Fillarilähetit (bike messengers Tampere..
roughly translated).

Turku is run by a newcomer to the industry.. a rookie with ambition and
looking head to head to his first winter.
Tampere is run by an old skooler, colleague of mine 2000-2001 (rookie 1998)
and after that bubbled under for couple of years starts his business just in
time for finnish bottlerun month.

Also Tampere is the most northern bike messenger city in the world (I don't
know if somebody is riding in Siberia..). Sorry Kirk and Anchorage.

Nice to see that messenger owned and messenger run companies are popping out
to line with me.