Re: [messengers] Cars to blame in most accidents involving cycles, says research calling for new road rules

Date: 24 Nov 2010 04:23:27 +0100
From: robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


ok, you can't tell me anything about car drivers, I seen it all.  Only
been knocked down twice, maybe three times, but I could write a book. 
But:  this study is BS as an indicator of who's to blame.  I'd ride like a
saint if I had a little buddy watching me all the time.  This is called
sampling error.

Clearly the average car driver has a lot to learn about riding bikes,
cause they don't as a rule.  Cops even more so.  (bike cops here ride on
the sidewalk and make a mess of it).  But car drivers are a random bunch,
as are bikers, as are pedestrians.  A pedestrian on a cell phone is
capable of anything.