[messengers] Use of likeness without permission!

Date: 27 Nov 2010 00:31:36 +0100
From: Corey Hilliard <coreythecourier@xxxxxxxxx>

I tried a few months ago to resolve this with diplomatic emails, but my
words were ignored as unimportant. Now, I must ask for your opinions and
support on this matter.

Marco C, a pretty good guy who messengered in NYC and now back in Philly,
had his likeness used by Kenda Tires. When confronted about the photo they
used for their ads, they replied that they purchased them from a third party
photography company. I told them that a large international company should
not be in the business of exploiting bicycle messengers, specifically Marco.
(Many of you may remember him from the polo courts and volunteering many
hours at the CMWC Guatemala.) I also asked that they either give him some
compensation in the form of money or tires. I gave them an email address and
phone number so they could contact Marco and quietly close the matter. The
Kenda representative scoffed at the idea and has since ignored my

A recent ad in a bicycle magazine refreshed my memory about this problem.
They still are willfully disregarding the polite request, intending to make
lots of money by promoting "commuter tires" with Marco's image as half of
the full page ad.

If you have the time, please send an email to KendaUSA.com letting them know
your opinion on the matter. I will not be using Kenda tires and suggest you
inform them that you are of the same mind. Let them understand that we,
being of a community that uses thousands of tires daily, will not tolerate
overt rudeness to its target market.

Corey the Courier
never a worrier