[messengers] Geez, NYC, stop scaring Nora Ephron...

Date: 3 Dec 2010 07:44:31 +0100
From: Rev Jim Kaiser <revjimkaiser@xxxxxxxxx>

Her movies suck anyway...

On Location With Nora EphronKatherine Wolkoff for The New York Times
 NEXTPREVThe writer and film director lives with her husband, Nicholas Pileggi, in a “not huge” Upper East Side apartment. 
	Published: November 24, 2010

Nora Ephron
Age: 69  
Occupation: Writer and director         



Next Project: “Who knows?”        
Wishes She’d Written: Are you kidding? A lesser 
sentence of Jane Austen, I wish I had written. I wish I had written “The
 Great Gatsby.” I read four or five books a year I wish I had written.  
Movie, Book or Play? The most satisfying thing is not 
to have to choose, not to have to rely on any of them for anything — to 
make a living or anything else.        
Perfect Day: Good weather and a walk in the park. I don’t ask for much.        
Worst Thing About New York: Bicycle messengers. They 
scare me. Sometimes, when I am not worrying about other forms of death, I
 am certain that I am going to be run over by a bicycle messenger....      

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