Re: [messengers] Use of likeness without permission (epilogue)

Date: 15 Dec 2010 04:43:11 +0100
From: Alex Farioletti <>

what about this?

just playing a little devils advocate.

i received no compensation for this at all, signed no release. there are
several distinguishing marks and nothing is blurred. the photographer is a
long standing member of our community who helped organized the alleycat that
the photo was taken at. maybe i did sign a release when i signed up for the
alley cat. i don't think i did. anyway do i deserve some swag from
kryptonite? or the demon cats? not that i'm asking or accusing but just for
discussions sake, does the photographer and the context of them organizing
the alleycat make a difference morally, ethically or monetarily?

Alex Farioletti
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