[messengers] Fw: Use of likeness without permission (epilogue)

Date: 15 Dec 2010 06:29:25 +0100
From: "Kevin Dillard" <kevindillard@xxxxxxx>

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Alex, that photo of you wasn't taking by me, but the photos that where use from me, where just of the Kryptonite locks, with no recognizable messengers. and they did compensate me, by giving me a few of locks, which I donated to a local alleycat for prizes here in DC.

In the years I have been taking photos of alleycat NO ONE has use any of my photos for commercial or for business use without my permission and if some one would or want to use one of my photos, they would first would have to have my permission than the subject in the photos. if both parties don't agree. then it won't happen. I will never let anyone use a photo of a messenger without the messenger permission, EVER. I have been a messenger for years, now I work for a company, but the love of our community is strong and would never let anyone take advantage of it. and so far no one has.

I over the years have tried to document the beauty of our community for our community and I hope folks have enjoy the photos as much as I have taking them.

Much Love,Kevin
Demon Cats
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Subject: Re: [messengers] Use of likeness without permission (epilogue)

what about this?

just playing a little devils advocate.

i received no compensation for this at all, signed no release. there are
several distinguishing marks and nothing is blurred. the photographer is a long standing member of our community who helped organized the alleycat that the photo was taken at. maybe i did sign a release when i signed up for the
alley cat. i don't think i did. anyway do i deserve some swag from
kryptonite? or the demon cats? not that i'm asking or accusing but just for discussions sake, does the photographer and the context of them organizing
the alleycat make a difference morally, ethically or monetarily?

Alex Farioletti
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