[messengers] Message for "Xmassive" from CMWC 2010 Guatemala

Date: 19 Dec 2010 09:41:57 +0100
From: Xmassive_TKBMA <xmassive@xxxxxxxxx>

Hola mis amigos, y los mensajeros del mundo!

While the 2010 Cycle Messenger World Championships has come and gone, the amazing memories, lasting impressions, and unfortunately, significant debt still remains.

Everyone who attended can attest to what a beautiful and life- changing experience CMWC Panajachel was. So much more than just a race, we had a great time, enjoyed unmatched hospitality, and were able to really help out some people less fortunate than ourselves.

Mother Nature was not always her most agreeable, but following the locals’ example, we persevered and did our best to stay positive and throw a world-class race, with parties and side events to match. Along the way, the organizers encountered a number of unexpected bumps in the road and as a result, took a sizable financial loss.

Even before we said our good-byes in Guatemala, members of the Tokyo Bicycle Messenger Association pledged to give aid to CMWC 2010. They were so impressed and amazed at the support they received from the global messenger community when they found themselves similarly indebted by their own CMWC, that they felt compelled to do something. We humbly thank them for their concern and willingness to get involved. It can be embarrassing to ask for help, and we feel really terrible to have put ourselves in this position.

With all this in mind, the TKBMA along with the organizers of CMWC 2010 would like to put out the call for help.

The TKBMA’s first fundraising event will be what they are calling the “Santa Ride” on December 25th (more information at: xmassive@xxxxxxxxx) and invite people to hold their own, similar events. But we also encourage any creative fundraising activities; alleycats, raffles, parties, whatever. Anything to help, even just a little bit.

We do ask that you send us your events and ideas for us to post on our website (http://www.tkbma.com/xmassive.html) and Facebook page (not yet, sorry) for all to see, and that donations be made through our site, to our Paypal account listed below, also to be publicly accounted for.

All of this could not be possible without the hard work and generous support of the TKBMA!

If you have any questions or comments,

please contact the TKBMA at: xmassive@xxxxxxxxx,

or you can reach CMWC 2010’s main organizers, Nadir Olivet and Andy Zalan at: nadir@cmwcguatemala and az@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All donations should be made via Paypal to: registration@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Domo arigato!
CMWC 2010 and TKBMA