[messengers] 1st Step of "Xmassive" from TKBMA

Date: 19 Dec 2010 09:44:02 +0100
From: Xmassive_TKBMA <xmassive@xxxxxxxxx>

JOY to the world!
Hello! It's KaO, TKBMA. Konnichiwa!

We know we have only less than 1 week to Dec.25, Christmas day.
But could we announce the call for HELP GUATEMALA from us, TKBMA?

We'll have SANTA RIDE on 25th Dec in Tokyo. Fukuoka-city will join this idea too.
All these are for help Guatemala 2010.
(sorry! still now we have only JP informations. Please wait EN infos.)

And TKBMA want you guys to join this idea "Xmassve(cross-massive)" till next spring(march or april). Any city can join this Xmassive as your own ideas like alley cat, group ride, events, party... anything. This SANTA RIDE is 1st step as Xmassive, it's START to help Guatemala 2010 with all over the world!

If you want to have some ideas for Help Guatemala, please let us know.
We'll put all your ideas to our "Xmassive" Website, Blog, Facebook (not yet) for Help Guatemala.

TKBMA xmassive@xxxxxxxxx

This idea was from Help Tokyo 2009.
We want to tell you BIG THANKS with this Idea for Help Guatemala.
Sorry to tell  so late, but we will try to do our best!!

Let's be your own SANTA!
Merry Christmas!! from TKBMA