Re: [messengers] warsasw

Date: 30 Dec 2010 16:45:27 +0100
From: stefan vis <fishmeisterasd@xxxxxxxxx>

morgan asked the same question about a ride, we have to make a nice route on
local roads because the big roads are too dangerous to bike on, gonna check
google maps if the roads are doable, i have half arranged we can stay on a
field for hopefully free in a town called zakrzewo its about 185 kms from
warsaw, of course we can also try to get in contact with tomek in gorzow
wielkopolski if he still lives there to arrange a place to stay there. then
we only need a place between gorzow and zakrzewo.

here is a map of the route i had in mind.

hopefully my camper is up and running by the time so i can be support. every
stage will be about 175 to 185 kms... except the stage between gorzow and
zakrzewo, that could be two shorter stages maybe....

let me know what you guys think of this plan..

for the cmwc i would like to get an update aswell, i wished the guys would
contact me, because they asked me to make the race... if i still have that
chance, prepare for something else! hehe...


2010/12/29 Joaquin Sanchez <bicimensajeros@xxxxxxxxx>

> has anyone got any info on cmwc warsaw?
> any dates?
> website?
> cheers
> j.
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