[messengers] CMWC Guatemala debt.

Date: 1 Jan 2011 02:17:44 +0100
From: nadir olivet <wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx>

     Feliz ANO Nuevo
      Sorry for offending anybody about asking for help. I retract asking for help from anyone. I just wanted to be transparent and let everyone know what happen in Guatemala. We could of cancelled the event had cancelled the figure eight track. But, I can't do that!!! You say it!! You do it.    I posted the loses because the community and future CMWC'S need to know it. So as the principal person of the organization I have to answer for the good and bad. The loss of money I have payed it out of my own pocket and I know Andy has lost some money but I will pay his losses also. Because, that is the right thing to do. Even though I been struggling the last few month and I know the hard months are coming. I am fine with that. its OK.      To you Mr. White, I payed all the bills to make sure all the people that we hired to work for us had money for Christmas. We payed them in full not a partial amount but in full. I had their families thanking me for giving them work and given them a happy Christmas. That is why, I went  in my pockets and pay the bills in full. You take care the people that take care of you. Sorry for the misunderstanding. but we had a loss because of mother nature. But we payed our bills to everyone. The only people that had a financial loss was our staff because we made a promise to the messengers and the community of Panajachel.       When a young messenger or and old messenger plan to travel to one of the CMWC this is a big commitment on their part. If they make that commitment then you have to fulfill your commitment and thats what we did!!!!  But, don't compare what happen in Guatemala to what happen in Dublin. You balanced the books great. I didn't do this event to get glory or to make money. Now on a professional level. We had commitments to our sponsors. By continuing our event the future CMWC's can show their future sponsors that we are a community that do what they say. The world knows we have a solid based and that we will fulfill our commitments to them. That says more then most major companies and organizations world wide.     One thing I can guarantee,  that any time a messenger goes back to Panajachel they will be welcomed and treated with respected. I know that the people that we fed and gave cloths. Could not believed that this poor bike messengers were helping them and their children. Before that happened some people wanted to cancelled the help to help balance the books. I said FUCK THAT we said we would do it. Then we are going to do it. When you commit to something, then deliver. I been always surrounded by people that always talk but never deliver.  I am sorry that the global economy affected us. I am sorry that mother nature didn't co-operate with us. But, this are things that I can't control, nor our group. Everyone has the answers everyone talks. All I could do for this catastrophe was to continue.           To the ones that donated when we need help THANK YOU. To all the former and current Messengers that registered and could not make it to the CMWC and donated their entry fee THANK YOU!!! We could not do what we did with out you!!! To all the volunteers "MAY THE WIND ALWAYS BE AT YOUR BACK" To the TKBMA crew in TOKYO. That understand what it is to be part of a community and what is racing when it runs true your vains.  " May the SUN always shine on your back. To the NYC crew "Thug life forever, love you guys". To all the others that have donated to help us Thank you and I wish the best to you and your families.    To the critics go hug your MAMA!!!!
ps Happy New Year!!!! Going to BURN ONE FOR THE ONES THAT ARE NOT WITH US NO MORE!!!!!