Re: [messengers] CMWC Guatemala debt.

Date: 3 Jan 2011 04:19:47 +0100
From: Lucas Brunelle <speedxc@xxxxxxxxx>

CMWC Guatemala was an amazing event unlike any other CMWC.  I have seen many 
cycling events; cyclocross, mtb, pro road, and every messenger event you can 
imagine - and have never seen a single event make such a difference to a 
The rider and racer experience was unlike any other as well.

Debt is an instrument to success if used correctly whether you go into hawk for 
that $5,000 road bike or that $30,000 race.
- History is changed by people who take huge risks.
- Nadir and his crew took a risk and we saw how natural disasters and sponsors 
worsened the exposure.

Races should be run in the black and there are lessons here.

However asking for help is what this list is here for.  Never feel like it’s not 
worth asking.



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Thanks for callin' that, Graham.


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I am shocked...

Wasn't in Guatemala but registered and paid to contribute as I will every
year even though I am no longer a working messenger.

This is the 2nd year in a row the CMWC has come in massively over budget.
This, in my opinion, is not acceptable.

Between Tokyo and Guatemala some of the 1st world's poorest workers have
taken unpaid time off and paid over $1000 in flights alone to make it to
these championships only to be told months later to cough up some more to
facilitate debt. I find this offensive.

Dublin '07 had its problems, but at least we didn't lie to people about what
it was going to cost. We didn't set our stall out too high and promise what
we couldn't deliver, or deliver what we couldn't afford and then come
scrounging afterwards.

So for all the benefit for the Guatemalan communities what this years CMWC
has amounted to is $28,500 of unpaid workers? Way to bolster the

Organisers of future CMC's need to look closely at what they're doing and
what they plan to offer. Messengers are very good at looking after
themselves and making their own fun, they don't need giant merry go rounds
to put smiles on their faces.

We made €14,000 in registrations... our CMWC cost us €14,000. Nobody made
any money, nobody lost any money.

Can we please reign this fucking thing in and get back to what the fuck it's
supposed to be about in this first place?

Happy New Year everyone.


ps. I wish Nadir etc. all the best in settling this debt. It was an
ambitious plan and I was proud to see it go ahead. But the cost has
obviously been too great.

On 31 December 2010 18:26, nadir olivet <wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Happy New Year To all the Messengers of the world.
>      Thank you!!! Too you all that made the Guatemalan CMWC possible this
> year. We were left with a massive debt after the CMWC because of lack of
> racers and sponsorship. The debt total was $28,500usd after the CMWC. Andy
> and I wanted to be transparent with everything that we were doing so here is
> our debt total. I am embarrassed  to ask for help but when you have hit your
> financial limit. Then is time to push your pride aside and ask for help. I
> have borrowed from my family and maxed my credit cards totaling $25,000 to
> keep my promise to make the CMWC possible because you have to keep your
> word.      To all that would like to make a donation you can send it to
> registration@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . The Total that we have collected is
> $40usd. Thank you to Buffalo Bill and Maka.
> Nadir OLivet
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