[messengers] cmwc website

Date: 6 Jan 2011 17:50:30 +0100
From: Shawn bega Blumenfeld <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx>

az will be saying something about where we are in the accounting
process. he's out finding a job today i hope, so maybe later today or
tomorow he'll update everyone.

for my part, it was an honor this year to act as both an organizer and
sponsor. this wasnt my first time doing this, and i hope you all have
become familiar with my stickguy logo on so many cmwc tshirts from
throughout the years. (play stickguy the video game at
dccourier.com/dccourier). im looking forward to warsaw. ill be racing,
not organizing. i plan on winning. i wont rule out a little
sponsorship, but they havent written me yet (hint hint warsaw time to
get off your butts), but i think ill need something special this year
like my own vip mudpit to roll around in.

 one of my personal projects in guate was to keep results and updates
coming to the rest of the world, and i truly believe the volunteers
(especially brad and cookie for me personally) allowed me to do this
in a way unprecedented in our community. we had so many people waiting
for timely updates we exceeded our bandwidth on our webpage. we
poduced results relatively quickly, and we still got info out from
what was essentially a disaster zone in a 3rd world country. it was
important to nadir that we presented ourselves to the world no
diferently than if we were in a major metroplois in a the heart of
technology and infrastructure.  i hope that future cmwc's will meet
and exceed the standard he lead us to set in communicating with the
global messenger community during the cmwc.

that being said, it didnt all run as perfectly as i wanted, and i
couldnt post the butiful pages the way i had worked on and i had to
post some quickly made spreadsheet results instead of the cool backend
working with all the photos and stuff and some results are only
recently posted like the BAR (meredith - it was realy close, your
outstanding for pulling it off. i know you worked really hard for it.
) and the team bar (the gap to aussie is extraodinary, but my own team
bega did manage a 4th place and ups to yeti for his placing alone with
no teammates). but now its all styling with photos in all the results
and az's special photos on the champs page and there's some group
photos you can download from lenny and the poloroids from az and youll
notice nadir is missing from both lenny photos and lola is missing
from one of them which is why you should be in the middle during the
group photo (i missed 1998 in dc cause i was the only one setting up
the race course.) and we'd really like it if you all would post your
stories and photos from cmwc while we still have the blogs live.

one of my other tasks was essentially to act as chief ref, and we had
to make some hard decisions. we had several events that were designed
on the fly due to changing circumstances and we had to produce results
and make decisions sometimes outside of written rules (as im sure your
company has done to you occacionally). we tried to be as fair as we
could, and we believe we were upfront with the racers and made
desicions that were appropriate for a world championship. one example
is that meredith, amongst others received no BAR points for the bunny
hop. they failed to clear what we deamed a qualifying height, and we
did  not reward them for participation in that event. ultimately,  she
won the BAR anyway. all of washington dc is really proud of her. we
owe her a party. another was ivonne in the finals. we relegated her to
9th for a mistake she made on the race course. it wasnt an easy choice
to affect the title by declaring a violation, but it was the right
decision given all of the information we had. and we spent a long time
making it and spoke to many people including ivonne. but my big
mistake was vincent clifford. originally we scored him from the first
round qualifying into the finals. so he went out in the 2nd round and
just screwed around. but then i got a late note and penalized him in
the first round taking him out of the finals. i robbed him of an
appropriate 2nd chance. sorry vincent. i suck. you were very
understanding of this.

for those that registered and didnt come, almost all of you should
have your race packets by now. a couple of you in europe may have to
wait another couple of days until they arrive. if you dont have it
yet, it may be because the messenger who took it from guatemala to
give it to you has failed to deliver. contact me directly ill get it
into your hands like the old school dispatcher i am. kevin keefe where
are you? youre local to me and i cant seem to find you to givie you
your packet!

Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld
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