Re: [messengers] CMWC Guatemala debt.

Date: 6 Jan 2011 19:41:17 +0100
From: "Andy" <az@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Forgot to mention that the Minneapolis crew has agreed to donate $2 from every registration to this year's Stupor Bowl. If you really needed another reason to race in that one...
And that the TKBMA gave us $1000 back in Pana still, organized a "Santa Ride" and are working on additional fund raising activities. Check out their new website for more details (hopefully they will post an English translation soon):
Thank you all!

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>I think we need to look to Ideas to help out our
>friend, I'm not saying pull
>out the checkbook. Come on we are smarter than
>that. Hell Philly is having a
>fund raiser in a bar for their BMA ! Organize a
>race, Shit do a car/bike
>wash for christ sakes ...
>Peace to all
>Chuck Q
>Montreal Baby !
>On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 2:37 PM, Mr. White
>> I am shocked...
>> Wasn't in Guatemala but registered and paid to
>contribute as I will every
>> year even though I am no longer a working
>> This is the 2nd year in a row the CMWC has come
>in massively over budget.
>> This, in my opinion, is not acceptable.
>> Between Tokyo and Guatemala some of the 1st
>world's poorest workers have
>> taken unpaid time off and paid over $1000 in
>flights alone to make it to
>> these championships only to be told months later
>to cough up some more to
>> facilitate debt. I find this offensive.
>> Dublin '07 had its problems, but at least we
>didn't lie to people about
>> what
>> it was going to cost. We didn't set our stall out
>too high and promise what
>> we couldn't deliver, or deliver what we couldn't
>afford and then come
>> scrounging afterwards.
>> So for all the benefit for the Guatemalan
>communities what this years CMWC
>> has amounted to is $28,500 of unpaid workers? Way
>to bolster the
>> community...
>> Organisers of future CMC's need to look closely
>at what they're doing and
>> what they plan to offer. Messengers are very good
>at looking after
>> themselves and making their own fun, they don't
>need giant merry go rounds
>> to put smiles on their faces.
>> We made €14,000 in registrations... our CMWC
>cost us €14,000. Nobody made
>> any money, nobody lost any money.
>> Can we please reign this fucking thing in and get
>back to what the fuck
>> it's
>> supposed to be about in this first place?
>> Happy New Year everyone.
>> Graham.
>> ps. I wish Nadir etc. all the best in settling
>this debt. It was an
>> ambitious plan and I was proud to see it go
>ahead. But the cost has
>> obviously been too great.
>> On 31 December 2010 18:26, nadir olivet
><wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >
>> > Happy New Year To all the Messengers of the
>> >	   Thank you!!! Too you all that made the
>Guatemalan CMWC possible
>> this
>> > year. We were left with a massive debt after
>the CMWC because of lack of
>> > racers and sponsorship. The debt total was
>$28,500usd after the CMWC.
>> Andy
>> > and I wanted to be transparent with everything
>that we were doing so here
>> is
>> > our debt total. I am embarrassed  to ask for
>help but when you have hit
>> your
>> > financial limit. Then is time to push your
>pride aside and ask for help.
>> I
>> > have borrowed from my family and maxed my
>credit cards totaling $25,000
>> to
>> > keep my promise to make the CMWC possible
>because you have to keep your
>> > word.	 To all that would like to make a
>donation you can send it to
>> > registration@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . The Total that
>we have collected is
>> > $40usd. Thank you to Buffalo Bill and Maka.
>> >
>> > Nadir OLivet
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