[messengers] DEBT KILLS

Date: 7 Jan 2011 07:07:26 +0100
From: max biaggi <sunaltahusky@xxxxxxxxx>

I have occasionally wondered about the financial burden placed upon us by the international race scene.  Do we as non fossil fuel burners want to subsidize the airline industry by flying all over the world to be together?  We are professional athletes and should be sponsored to participate as well, instead of flowing out 10% (+ or -) of our yearly income to "race" for the return of possibly a tshirt or tire.  In reality for me it is a cultural exchange, way to meet new friends on the same wavelength, represent my town, and it has all been worth it.  

Nadir and Andy are gems in out community and love them both, the Tokyo crew are also the best but isn't this about $60K in debt in two years?   This is how nations fall.  This is how marriages break up.  This is how businesses fail.

are we next?