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Date: 9 Jan 2011 21:19:32 +0100
From: Julio Saravia <saravia.julio@xxxxxxxxx>

oh-stop! just take deep breaths nadir. no need to get worked up for nothing. most, if not all, comments have been applauding your efforts in this huge endevour. the commentary has mainly been that cmwc's in general need to stop taking HUGE financial hits. there's enough stress that goes into need for a financial one. also, you can't say you're going to give back the award and follow it up with..."btw, I rented a helicopter out of pocket to help those in need"...haha! keep the is well deserved but stop with the whole martyrdom. we get're awesome.

I hope that after you read this you understand the sarcasm and whatnot. just let us know what the total damage is and I'm more than positive the community will do what it can to help...peace.


On Jan 9, 2011, at 11:57, nadir olivet <wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

OK Guys and Lady's
You guys keep criticizing the Guatemalan CMWC. Please stop!!!! Give us a few weeks to finish going trough the CMWC accounting. Then you all can look at the numbers and make your decisions. But please give us a few weeks to properly submit our total expenses. One thing is for sure you guys don't know what happen at the Guatemalan CMWC. To me success is based on nobody getting hurt, killed, robbed or incarcerated. All of those criteria's were fulfilled and surpassed. We also feel that everyone that competed got their moneys worth. Everything we promised was delivered!!! Second, I am very upset that the peanut gallery keeps criticizing the work that we did. When we built La Ocho. I made the decision to keep going ahead. I was told that we might loose money on this endevour but I was prepared to take the financial hit on my own. Just to let you guys know that the initial budget for the track was $60,000usd. That was an estimate but we built it for around $11,000usd this is a estimate but very close to the actual number. The dirt and gravel was then used to fix all the roads that were destroyed during the tropical storm that hit Guatemala. The wood that we used to build the bridge was donated to 10 families to rebuild the homes that they lost. Who payed for that, Me!!! So , please stop with your bullshit. Give us a chance to finish our numbers!!! Third, I will be giving back to the Marcus Cook award. I don't deserve this award. So, please vote again and give it to someone that deserves it!!!!

Nadir Olivet
ps. After we all left Guatemala the roads collapsed and there was no way for food or medicine to get trough. So I rented a helicopter service, filled the chopper full of food and delivered medicine and food. I payed out of my own pocket to help the town. The only person that knew about this was AZ. That is what I do, help the people that helped me. I am done!!!!
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