Re: [messengers] NACCC 2012

Date: 19 Jan 2011 01:23:58 +0100
From: "joschz@xxxxxxxxx" <joschz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

i'm in


On Jan 18, 2011, at 5:44 PM, Kevin Sparrow wrote:

Hey All,

We had this crazy idea for Milwaukee to host the NACCC in 2012. It gets

Not only do we want to host the 2012 NACCC but we also want to do it a week before the CMWC in Chicago. Think about it. 8 days 2 championships with a group ride from Milwaukee to Chicago in between. International messengers could experience 2 major events in 8 days in the states. It could be the
largest messenger celebration ever!
We were talking about organizing a shuttle bus from Chicago to milwaukee so people flying in could keep a basic round trip ticket in and out of Chicago.

I am really interested to know your thoughts, especially the international

Kevin Sparrow & the Milwaukee Crew

PS. I know Richmond already put in a bid for 2012 and I have already talked to them about this. We thought it would be best to get the opinions of the
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