[messengers] New Bicycle Courier Film Trailer

Date: 21 Jan 2011 22:08:43 +0100
From: Kenton Hoppas <kentonhoppas@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear Messengers Everywhere,

Kenton Hoppas here in San Diego. I have a new trailer for my film. The film
will be out in the spring. With this film I attempted to share the
perspective of my courier lifestyle. To do that I kept a narrow focus and
interviewed people that were a big influence on my past 11 years as a
messenger. (I am still a working messenger) While I knew some better than
others I felt they all were a good reflection of the lifestyle and career.

Cast: James Adamson, Kevin Bolger, Kurt Boone, Kurt Fletcher, Ellie Lum,
Mimi Hoppas, Jeff Kidder PH.D, Dee, and Claire. All working messengers at
one point. Most still active.

Maybe it's best to just sum it with a quote from James, "Why are you
interviewing me? There are just so many other better messengers you could've
made a film about." Yes it's true. It would have taken me a lifetime to
track all the amazingly interesting messengers and millions to try and film
what really happens. I have neither unlimited time nor resources.

So for now I humbly give you the new trailer to *Career Courier: A Labor of



Kenton Hoppas


CAREER COURIER Website and Trailer <http://www.careercourierthemovie.com>

<http://www.careercourierthemovie.com>Kenton Hoppas •  Encinitas, CA •