[messengers] CMWC 2012 Pre-Event: Detroit?

Date: 24 Jan 2011 19:24:56 +0100
From: Rie VP <rie23@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All, 

Much respect for the proposals for the NACCC on the list.

Scott Free and I were so inspired by the work the community did in Pana with the kids that we thought we'd propose doing the CMWC-Chicago 2012 pre-event in Detroit--and bring art and bikes to the young people there. 

There is a strong Flatland community in Detroit, not to mention the working class heritage and industrial ruins. I hear there's even a messenger or two. :-)


From Scott Free:

Detroit 2012-pre event, 
End of the world/new beginning.
Abandoned velodrome
Bicycle day/Art show for kids of Detroit. Possible foster care 
system involvement. With clinics on basic bicycle care. Trick riding 
flatland and fix/trick. Motivational cycling art experience. Possible bike
 give away to community kids.
Sprints and ally cat racing throughout abandoned
 industrial wasteland
 left behind by BIG AUTO. 
 Also flatlanding contests amongst 
industrial ruins.
Group ride and possible brewery tour in route to Chicago 237 miles.
 And many other possibilities to be discussed.
We have spent years rolling around the surface of 
this earth building our cycling spirit. As a group dynamic I want to 
utilize this cycling collective consciousness and put it to good use in a
 city formerly represented by  the auto industry.
Please join us in the manifestation of this concept. 
We need your input. We are planning on gathering in Detroit this May to 
get to know the city and its riders and start making this happen.
What do y'all think?

Free  ridefast5@xxxxxxxxx
Valerie rie23@xxxxxxxxxxx